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Staying Safe

Sunday, January 30th, 2011
Ten Different Ways to Avoid Crime
1. Be Alert! – Don’t be distracted.  Keep your head up and be aware of your surroundings.
2. Keep your actions from being routine – Vary your schedule.  Being predictable makes you a more likely target.
3. Lock It Up! – Whether your home, car or office – good locks are your first line of defense.
4. Make your home a less desirable target - Use floodlights, motion sensors, a security system, deadbolts, etc.
5. Repel car-jackers - Keep your windows and doors locked.  Check your mirrors and blind spots when you are stopped.  Stay one to one and a half lengths away from the car ahead of you. Sound your horn and flash your lights if you think you’re being approached by a car-jacker.
6. Avoid Vehicle Theft - Lock it and use an anti-theft device.  Turn the wheels when you park and park in a well lit area.  Never leave a spare key inside the car.
7. Be Creative – There are tons of unusual ways to protect yourself and your valuables.
8. Be Informed – Don’t bury your head in the sand.  Learn the crime trends in your area and work to protect yourself against them.
9. Get Involved - Have you joined or organized a Neighborhood Watch?
10. Don’t Give Up! - Crime can be reduced, but with action, not apathy!

Riots? Tear gas? Safe at home…

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

As I sit here tonight reading the news of the ongoing various uprisings in the Middle East, several thoughts are going through my mind.  First, truths long ago foretold regarding the center of the world and those around Israel.  Second, trying to view the events in the light of what has happened here in America recently in the government and also our standing in the world.  Third, thinking of my family and the ways I can each day go about making them safer and more secure in this world that is not as stable as we want to believe it is.

As I am a vendor of self defense products, perhaps you would wonder, “What would he choose to use himself?”  The truth is, there’s a place for all of it.  Door braces, surveillance systems, dummy cameras, kubotans, stun guns, pepper sprays, bear sprays, knives, pool alarms, etc.  Each and every item provides a level of security.  I wouldn’t trust just one item and be done.   I would look at my situation and utilize what is right at that time and place, knowing that there is always more that I can do.

Stun Guns Can Be Vital for Self-Defense

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Many people wonder how they would be able to defend themselves if someone broke into their home or accosted them in a store parking lot.  Women and children are particularly vulnerable, as they often find themselves to be smaller and weaker than an attacker.  While there are many products available to aid a potential victim in defending themselves, stun guns are very valuable in these types of situations.

While it may be possible to outrun or even to out fight an attacker, it is much better to not have to do either.  With a stun gun you are able to render an attacker unable to attack or even move, giving you precious time to escape.  A couple of seconds’ worth of contact from the stun gun buys you enough time to get away.

While pepper spray is also quite effective, there have been instances of people hyped up on drugs who have been able to walk through the cloud and continue their evil.  With a stun gun in your self-defense arsenal your chances of being able to escape to safety increase dramatically.

Unlikely life-saver? A Hand Held Metal Detector provides peace of mind.

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Having just come through the end of the year celebration season and hearing non-stop on the news of shootings, event organizers, building or store managers and club owners could easily be worried about the increase of violence in your workplace or even home.

Knives and guns can be found in society everywhere you look.  One of the best ways to alleviate the threat of this type of violence from your premises is to have a hand held metal detector which enables you to quickly scan each person as they enter your venue.

Hand held metal detectors are designed to help secure sensitive areas such as schools, courtrooms, corrections facilities, sports events, businesses, nightclubs, bars and other public areas and events. They are the perfect answer for determining whether a visitor, intruder, or stranger is carrying a concealed weapon.  Keeping unwanted trouble out is made easier while keeping those inside safe from possible harm.  The very sight of someone checking for weapons as people come through the door is enough to increase feelings of safety for innocent people but exponentially increase feelings of fear in troublemakers and assailants.

Other uses for hand held metal detectors are found in different lines of work.  Construction crews and woodworkers also use them to find nails, screws or other metallic debris in reclaimed building materials and trees.  They can also be used for finding missing items in the dark when otherwise you might not stand a chance of finding them.

While no single item can guarantee the safety of those around you, a hand-held metal detector can certainly help shift the safety balance to your side as opposed to anyone wanting to promote violence instead.  Could this be a life saving device then?  If it prevents even one unforeseen attempt at violence, then I would say, yes, the hand held metal detector is certainly able to be called a life saving device.

Going for a Walk or a Jog? Stay Safe.

Friday, January 21st, 2011

While being active and exercising is one of the best things you can do for yourself, in today’s society you must also take precautions in order to ensure your safety.  It is helpful to stay in areas that you are familiar with but make sure that they are well-lit and well-traveled.  Do not go through alleys or parking lots where there may be lots of hiding places and few other people.  Vary your route so that an attacker or thief is not able to predict your movements.  Carry a whistle or a personal alarm, and pepper spray.

Electronic Pocket Whistle

Electronic Pocket Whistle

If you think someone may be following you, change direction but do not return home right away.  You may lead an assailant right to your home.

The bottom line is that you need to always be alert.  Being alert, and thinking smart will help you stay safe while staying fit.

Prevent Burglars From Taking Your Stuff

Monday, January 17th, 2011

We all want to live safe and secure, knowing that our loved ones and our belongings are protected.  Here are some tips to keep your home safe and secure from burglars.

Take a walk around your property and think like a thief might think.  What things about your property might make a thief gravitate towards it?  Look for things that would make it easy to make off with some of your stuff.

Keep your home and yard neat and clean.  Bikes, toys and yard tools left lying around could end up running away!  Make sure that the doors to your home are secure.  They should not break easily, and each exterior door should have dead bolts installed that you use habitually.  Sliding glass doors should be secured as well, with a metal bar or piece of wood put in the track to prevent intruders.  You could also use a door brace as another preventative measure.

Dual Function Door Brace

Dual Function Door Brace

Also, many attractive landscaping items are also attractive to burglars.  Consider getting rid of or at least pruning those large bushes right beside the entrance to your home.  And the privacy fence that you put up to give you and your family a bit of retreat from the world around, also provides privacy for a would be thief entering your home.  Consider investing in motion detectors and motion sensitive lights that will help give you privacy and peace of mind.

You can protect your home with some common sense and a few reasonably priced items.  Making sure your home has good locks on windows and doors is a must.  Motion detectors, placed both in front of and in back of your home can also significantly reduce the chances of your home being a burglar’s next target.